Roller Probe TransducersRoller Probe Transducers are a dry coupled transducer used with a through transmission technique for scanning large areas in an automated system or smaller areas using a hand caliper that can be provided.

Roller probes are typically used in the aerospace industry for the inspection of honeycomb and composite panels and wing sections.

  • These probes consist of an anodized aluminium body, Perspex wheel with sealed bearings to prevent leakage of oil and a soft but wear resistant rubber tyre.
  • The element is a low or undamped lead zirconate, offering both good penetration and an excellent signal to noise ratio.
  • Two sizes of transducer are available, the 25mm diameter which can be held in our own caliper unit or the 75mm diameter to fit individually tailored fixtures.
  • Used where dry testing is a necessity in through transmission mode of highly attenuative materials.
  • Can be mounted for automated testing or in our own calipers for hand inspection
  • Range of frequencies available
  • Range of connectors available
  • Full refurbishment service available on all roller probes


Element dia
0.5 MHz
1.0 MHz
Wheel size/Dia x Width (mm)
8 WP800525 WP80125 25 x 18
12 WP1200525 WP120125 25 x 18
20 WP2000575 WP200175 75 x 30

 Roller Probe Transducers